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A dog plays an important role in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan." But this dog, called "Nana," has to be tolerant (beyond measure).

So ... how did Barrie find such a longsuffering dog to be part of his play?

He hired a human being—Arthur Lupino, to be exact—to play the role of "Nana" in the first stage production of Barrie's still-famous play.

In the sketch, we see how Barrie envisioned "Nana." He bears a striking resemblance to Luath, Barrie's dog (a Landseer Newfoundland) which he and his wife Mary had adopted in 1903 (a year, or so, after their Saint Bernard, Pathos, had died).

Photos of Luath survive. "Neverpedia" has one photo of Barrie with Luath.

Neverpedia also has another photo of Luath, this with Michael Llewelyn Davies.

It's interesting to note how things which are important to authors, in real life, also become important to those same authors in their creative works.

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Top image online via SirJMBarrie.


In-text images, described above, online via Neverpedia.


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