Nicholas Winton - What Makes a Person Brave-Enough to Help?

Nicholas Winton, a British stockbroker working in Prague before the outbreak of World War II, became very concerned about children who would be at-risk during the coming war. He decided to do something to help, then kept quiet about his heroism until his wife found an old scrapbook decades later.

Does it make a difference, to you, if someone heroic keeps quiet about that heroism? Explain your answer.

What would it be like to know that you personally saved the lives of hundreds of at-risk children? Could you keep quiet about that?

Are there opportunities that exist to help even one person that you know? How do you think your help would be received by that individual?

Would you consider Nicholas Winton to be a leader even though he did not possess political power? Why, or why not?

What occasions exist in the world today which call for brave leaders? How would you advise those political leaders if they asked you to select just one area of concern where people needed help?

Many of the children (now adults) whom Winton helped are unaware of his efforts. How would you go-about finding those people? Do you think that a movie about what happened, like "The Power of Good," would assist efforts to locate them?

If someone had helped you to escape danger, when you were very young, would you want to know about that person when you were older?

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