Normandy - Equipment En Route, D-Day

Normandy - Equipment En Route, D-Day Visual Arts Famous Historical Events World War II

USS LST-286 - a "Landing Ship Tank" of the U.S. Navy - is en route to Normandy bearing a full load of equipment for the D-Day battle. 

The Navy provides more details about (and pictures of) this vessel:

Landing Ship Tank:

  • Displacement: 1,490 tons (lite); 4,080 tons (full load of 2,100 tons)
  • Length: 327'
  • Beam: 50'
  • Draft: 8' fwd; 14'4" aft (full load)
  • Speed: 10.8 knots (max); 9 knots (econ)
  • Armament: 1 3"/50 DP; 1 40mm; 6 20mm
  • Complement: 7 officers, 204 enlisted
  • Diesel engines, twin screws
  • LSTs carry smaller craft topside, a tunnel-like hold full of tanks, vehicles, guns or cargo.
  • Built at American Bridge Co., Ambridge, Pa., and commissioned 11 December 1943

Click on the image for a much-better view.

Media Credits

Image from "HyperWar:  A HyperText History of the Second World War," online courtesy HyperWar Foundation and iBiblio - The Public's Library and Digital Archive at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).



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