Normandy Invasion, D-Day - Footage from German Perspective

This historical footage depicts the Allied invasion, on the beaches of Normandy, from the German perspective. 

The clip inclues a great deal of combat footage from the 6th of June, 1944—commonly referred to as D-Day.

Hereafter is a summary of the German-language narration, translated into English:

6th June, 1944. D Day has finally arrived!

The well-publicized Allied Normandy landings finally began, after pressure from Moscow. Germany was ready and waiting.

Shortly after midnight, on the 6th of June, the great military operation was set in motion.

The wartime fleets of two world powers are on their way from the west Channel coast with massive aerial backup.  

Strong land forces are also dropped in the backwaters of the Seine Estuary near Caen by the enemy to coincide with bombing raids.

German patrol boats monitor their arrival and pass on the news.

Heavy and light artillery batteries bombard bomber squadrons and troop landings.

The flash of gunfire and explosions light-up the night sky.

Rockets appear out of nowhere.

Infantry assault troops, fighting the enemy, were airlifted in for the first night of engagements.

Patrol boats report a strong naval presence closing in on the minefield.

Heavy arms are already in operation along some sectors of the Atlantic front.

The entire [German] defense line is on standby.

The German wartime fleet communications officers give the signal for resistance.

Direct hit with a torpedo!

The attack has begun! At dawn, the main Allied invasion fleet arrives at Caen in the Seine Estuary.

This film was taken just before the first artillery engagement.

Small landing craft ferry troops and materials across from large transporters. Heavy bombardment begins!

British warships move broadside on, and the battle between the coastal batteries and the naval artillery begins in earnest.

Enemy landing craft move up the mouth of the river Orne.

Pack rifles, machine guns and light artillery are used against landing forces.

The enemy encounter severe resistance and suffer heavy casualties.

The crews of these landing craft were defeated by our rapid response.

A tough battle is going on around Caen and Bayeux.

German assault troops intercept the enemy and put up a tough fight.

Thousands of air-lifted enemy troops are trapped in woodlands.

A transporter glider is found entangled in a tree.

A parachute is caught in the branches.

We see some of the victims.

Hundreds of prisoners make their way out of the wood after bitter fighting.

They are all surprised that the invasion is over so quickly. The captives are disarmed and led away.

They have had no rations or water for three days. This handkerchief contains a sketch of a map. The escape route to Switzerland is highlighted.

A number of gliders landed here and their crews were captured before they could even get a taste of battle.

One of the many gliders which was brought down.

This one was hit in the side by anti-aircraft fire just before landing.

This one reveals a fully equipped radio truck.

Prisoners from Nova Scotia.

Canadian paratroopers.

Scottish highlanders, who were airlifted in, are being interrogated before they are sent to internment camps.

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Original Release: Oct 07, 2013

Updated Last Revision: Jun 25, 2016

Media Credits

Video clip online, courtesy WW2GermanNewsreels' Channel at YouTube.




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