Nutcracker and Mouse King

Maurice Sendak created this artistic impression of The Nutcracker and The Mouse King. His images beautifully illuminate the version of the Nutcracker story adapted by Alexandre Dumas (from the original by E.T.A. Hoffman).

Sendak also created set designs for a production of "The Nutcracker" ballet by P. Tchaikovsky. Amazon provides this additional information about Sendak's work:

The tale of Nutcracker, written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1816, has fascinated and inspired artists, composers, and audiences for almost two hundred years. It has retained its freshness because it appeals to the sense of wonder we all share.

Maurice Sendak designed brilliant sets and costumes for the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Christmas production of Nutcracker and created even more magnificent pictures especially for this book. He joined with the eminent translator Ralph Manheim to produce this illustrated edition of Hoffmann's wonderful tale, destined to become a classic for all ages.

The world of Nutcracker is a world of pleasures. Maurice Sendak's art illuminates the delights of Hoffmann's story in this rich and tantalizing treasure.

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Image of Nutcracker and Mouse King by Maurice Sendak. Copyright, Maurice Sendak, all rights reserved. Provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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