Assassination of John F. Kennedy - OSWALD'S ARREST

This photograph, depicting Lee Harvey Oswald immediately after his arrest at the Texas Theatre, was marked as "Exhibit B" during Dallas Police Sergeant Gerald Hill's deposition testimony which he gave to the Warren Commission. See the Warren Commission Report, Volume XX at page 156. Public Domain. 


At approximately 1:30, Johnny Calvin Brewer, a shoe store manager, saw a man acting suspiciously. It was Lee Harvey Oswald. Brewer followed him to the Texas Theater.

The same man - Oswald - entered the theater without buying a ticket. The movie "War is Hell," starring Audie Murphy, was showing when police found Oswald sitting in the balcony. He was wearing a brown shirt and gray jacket.

Oswald initially resisted arrest. It is said that he struck at the officers and they struck him. Subdued, he was taken to the police cruiser and transported to jail where he was booked for killing Officer Tippit. His mug shot depicts the struggle he had with police.

He possessed a phony Selective Service card, bearing his own picture but the name of Alex Hidell, at the time of his arrest. Both the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and the Smith and Wesson .38 revolver had been sold to a man named "A. Hidell."

During the afternoon of November 22nd, Marina talked with police officers. She gave an affidavit saying that her husband's rifle was missing. (The City of Dallas has digitized its evidence against Oswald and it is available on-line.)

During a late-evening press conference, Oswald maintained his innocence. Shortly before midnight, on November 22nd, Oswald was also charged with killing the President of the United States.

Showing his shackles to the press, he never confessed to either murder.

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