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POWs called one of their Ofuna prison guards "Turdbird."  His real name was Akaike. 

Also nicknamed "Monkey," this guard routinely beat prisoners with a bat.  He also employed other nefarious tactics.

In order to use what passed as a restroom, men would have to ask Turdbird's permission.  Often suffering from dysentery, they needed very quick trips to the toilet, but this guard would hide - thereby withholding his permission.

Inevitably, the restroom-needer would have to use the facilities without permission - an event which Turbird counted on.  Punishment, for such an individual, meant standing at attention for hours - naked - exposed, all the while, to biting mosquitoes. 

Turdbird received a seven-year prison sentence, at the Tokyo war crimes trial.  Most Ofuna POWs thought his sentence was far too light.

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