Old Tun Tavern

The Tun Tavern was built, in 1685, by Samuel Carpenter.  It was located in Philadelphia, near an area known today as Penn's Landing

One of America's first brew houses, its name is based on the olde-English word "tun" (which means a barrel, or keg, of beer).  Giving way to "progress" (in the form of Interstate 95), the tavern no longer exists.

A plaque (from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) marks the general location.  It says:

Near here stood Tun Tavern, 1693-1781, which is regarded as the traditional birthplace of the United States Marine Corps, authorized by a resolution of the Continental Congress, November 10, 1775.  SEMPER FIDELIS

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U.S. National Archives image 127-EX-1-20.


Linked above: Map of Philadelphia’s waterfront, including Penn’s Landing, courtesy University of Pennsylvania. 

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