Student Stories on the Statue of Zeus at Olympia - The Statue of Zeus: One Wonder: by Hector Rivera-Rodriguez

"Statue of Zeus", A painting of the Statue of Zeus by de Quincy, by de Quincy, AwesomeStories.

The Statue of Zeus is one of the Seven Wonders of the world. Along with the Pyramids of Egypt, Pharos Lighthouse, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Temple of Artemis, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Colossus of Rhodes.

Who built the Statue of Zeus?

It was Phidias, Phidias was a Greek sculptor and painter. He is famous for other works of art some concerning Athena and other gods. Phidias is mostly remembered for three of his masterpieces.  

What destroyed the statue of Zeus?

It was a fire. It is unknown what caused the fire but we do know that’s what destroyed the Statue of Zeus. When was the Statue of Zeus destroyed? The statue was destroyed in the fifth century AD. There were no copies ever found.” All the details of the statues today are taken from depictions of coins and ancient Greek depictions”. States Statue of Zeus At Olympia Facts Soft Schools. 

Where was the statue of Zeus built?

In Olympia, Olympia is the home to the beginning of the Olympic games. The Olympics took place in Olympia in a place called Elis on the northwestern Peloponnesus. The temple was in the Grove of Altis along with other sites and temples. The temple of Zeus was on the East pediment.   

Why was the statue of Zeus built?

To honor Zeus/Jupiter. Zeus is supposedly atop Mount Olympus in the Himalayas. He is the chief and king God. They built the temple to honor him but they could also have prayed to him and in return received good fortune.

How did the ancient Greeks depict Zeus?

They thought Zeus was a “mature and dignified male who wore a beard” says Awesome stories Zeus Chief God of Ancient Greece. They also depicted him with his to most recognizable signs an eagle and, a thunderbolt.

One interesting fact about the temple of Zeus is that it was supposedly built so high it touched the roof of the Temple.  

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