Operation Overlord

This image depicts an original document, dated 11 January 1944, from Supreme Allied Headquarters.  It discusses "Operation Overlord," the code-name for the Normandy Invasion.

We learn the purpose of the invasion at the very beginning of this key document:

The object of Operation "OVERLORD" is to secure a lodgement area on the Continent from which further offensive operations can be developed.  The lodgement area must contain sufficient port facilities to maintain a force of some twenty-six to thirty divisions, and enable that force to be augmented by follow-up shipments from the UNITED STATES and elsewhere of additional divisions and supporting units at the rate of three to five divisions per month.

Normandy was the landing point.  Cherbourg, where the Germans had key radar stations, was also on the attack list.

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Media Credits

Image of declassified document online, courtesy U.S. Department of Defense via the U.S. National Archives.



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