Orion Nebula - OMC-1 Region

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This image depicts the Orion Nebula OMC-1 Region. The Hubble Space Telescope took this image.

What is going on in this image, and how did it come together? We get the answers to those questions from Space Telescope:

The infrared vision of the Hubble Space Telescope's Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) is providing a dramatic new look at the beautiful Orion Nebula which contains the nearest nursery for massive stars. For comparison, Hubble's Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2(WFPC2) image on the left shows a large part of the nebula as it appears in visible light.

Click on the image for a better view.

Media Credits

Image, described above, byRodger Thompson, Marcia Rieke, Glenn Schneider, Susan Stolovy (University of Arizona); Edwin Erickson (SETI Institute/Ames Research Center); David Axon (STScI), C. Robert O'Dell, Shui Kwan Wong(Rice University) and NASA/ESA


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