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Luis Carlos Galán, with his young son Juan Manuel, during a visit to Rome. Planning to sign an extradition treaty with the U.S., when he became President of Colombia, Galán became an enemy of Pablo Escobar who ordered his assassination. Galán was murdered on August 18, 1989. Image online via Nicholas Entel, producer of the documentary "Sins of My Father."


Amidst a tightening of security for himself and his family, Pablo Escobar celebrates his son’s first Catholic-Church communion. Juan Pablo’s Aunt Luz Maria remembers how tight the security was at that celebration:

At Juan Pablo’s First Communion party, we were all worried about our security, about a kidnapping or something like that. That’s why the party was not held in a public place. It was in the Monaco Building [which belonged to Escobar] - the building that was bombed [on January 13, 1988]. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Members of the Cali Cartel, a rival criminal organization, had decided they’d had enough of Escobar and his power. The car-bombing of his high-security building effectively told Pablo he was not as invincible as he may have thought.

Pablo told his mother about the bombing:

At 5 o’clock he called and said: “Mama, you’ll soon watch some news about a bomb in Monaco. But I just called you so you’d know nothing happened to me.” (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Did the bombers have a specific target in mind? Apparently, according to Pablo’s sister Luz, the target was Escobar himself:

That bomb was against him. He had just left his home. Pablo called and said we had to be careful since we were his family, and we would suffer the consequences of that war. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Making a video of the damage, to his building, was not the only thing Pablo did after the attack. He orchestrated attacks of his own. According to his mother:

He kept saying: “If they broke my heart it was because they placed the first bomb.” (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

It wasn’t just the Cali Cartel, however, with whom Escobar had issues. A former enemy, Luis Carlos Galán, was about to become Colombia’s president. It was an event which greatly distressed Pablo.

Representing a political party called “New Liberalism,” Galán favored an extradition treaty with the U.S. and publicly opposed the drug cartels, especially the Medellin Cartel led by Escobar.

Jaime Gaviria, Pablo’s cousin and confidante, recalls the focus of Galán’s campaign:

Drug dealing ... was attacked ... that was what Galán was aiming at. They [the drug cartels] all knew that if Galán got elected, they were finished. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

On the 18th of August, 1989, Galán was assassinated during a public demonstration in the town of Soacha (located near the Colombian capital city, Bogota).

Escobar was suspected of ordering the murder.

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