Pablo Escobar and His Hippos

Pablo Escobar's Ranch and His Hippos

On a 20-kilometer estate, about 200 miles northwest of Bogotá, Pablo Escobar created a private world for himself and his family. 

His home, in disrepair these days, was the center of Hacienda Nápoles ("Naples Estate") near Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.

Escobar had a private zoo with four hippos and other wild animals. During the ensuing years, after Pablo's death and the abandonment of Hacienda Nápoles, those hippos—with their characteristic yawns—have had babies ... lots of babies.

Today, the hippos which Pablo imported to his Colombian home comprise the largest population of wild hippos outside Africa.  There are around 40 members of the herd, and they live by the lakes and streams on (and near) Escobar's former estate.

After Escobar's death, in 1993, his family wanted to keep their home. They lost that battle with the Colombian government, however. 

Since 2007, Pablo's former estate is a theme park which draws around 50,000 visitors every year. 

Although much of the estate has been restored, the main house is becoming more decrepit every year.

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Original Release: Dec 12, 2016

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