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As The Hunger Games trilogy moves forward, we learn that District 13 (which once rebelled against the Capitol and was supposedly laid-waste thereafter) is actually still operational.  

In a deal its leaders concluded with the government, after the rebellion, District 13 operates underground.  The peace treaty, between the two entities, requires District 13 to avoid starting a nuclear war against Panem.

In exchange, District 13 is allowed to remain independent.

Just like the other 12 Districts, 13 had its own focus while it was still part of Panem.  The products it contributed to the well-being of the Capitol were mining graphite and nuclear science / technology.

Because District 13 is now independent, it does not send tributes to the Hunger Games.  And ... to be sure that people living in the other 12 Districts believe 13 has ceased to exist ... the Capitol destroyed District 13's visible remains and consistently prevents all outside access.

Katniss Everdeen believes the Capitol’s propaganda (that District 13 has been annihilated) until she meets two tributes (Twill and Bonnie) from District 8.  

Why, they wonder, does everyone keep seeing the same smoldering ruins, the same reporter in front of the same rubble, and a mockingjay flying in the same place across the screen whenever the Capitol is televising new footage about District 13? 

To the District-8 tributes, the Capitol’s broadcasts about District 13 aren’t new at all.

If it’s true that the footage isn’t new at all, then there must be a reason for the Capitol to constantly repeat old footage.  Could it be that the people of District 13 are actually alive?  Could they be living underground?

Katniss ultimately learns the truth ... rebel leaders are using District 13 as their base for a new rebellion.

This image depicts the general location of District 13.

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Image of Panem map online via Wikimedia Commons.


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