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One of the 99th's first missions was to participate in action over the island of Pantelleria, in the Mediterranean, when they escorted bombers during June of 1943.  For the first time - ever - they saw action with enemy planes.

Commenting on this combat activity, Col Davis reported:

It was the first time any of them ever shot at the enemy.  They gave a good account of themselves considering the odds against them, and, most important, they all came back safely.

Later in the month, following the Pantelleria attack, Secretary of War Henry Stimson commented on Davis' pilots:

We are all very proud of the splendid activity of a fighter squadron commanded by Lt. Col. Benjamin O. Davis Jr. over Pantelleria.

A Pennsylvania newspaper - the Pittsburgh Courier - noted that activity in the skies at Pantelleria was:

...one of the heaviest air operations in the history of warfare.   (See Black Knights, by Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly, at page 92.)

This map depicts the location of Pantelleria.  Click on the image for a better view.

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Map of Pantelleria's location in the Mediterranean by NormanEinstein, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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