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Pearse Street is one of Dublin's longest streets.  On the west, it meets College Street.  On the south, it faces Trinity College.  There is also a Garda (police) station (to the north).

Going east, Pearse meets-up with Tara Street.  Not far from that area is a theatre where James Joyce (the famous Irish author) once won a singing award.

It was along Pearse Street that Desmond Doyle, and his daughter Evelyn, walked soon after Charlotte left home.  Initially, Des was headed to the Garda station to report his wife as a “missing person.”  

Then the pair headed toward 20 Molesworth Street. They were looking for the local office of the ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

It was at the ISPCC office that a fateful meeting took place.

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