Perilous Times - by Geoffrey R. Stone

Perilous Times  written by Geoffrey R. Stone

Whenever a nation goes to war—whether the conflict is supported, or opposed, by most citizens—free speech is threatened. 

Dissent, during war time, can be viewed as disloyal.

Words can be twisted—and are—during times of turmoil. Governments have the power—through prosecutors—to charge individuals with crimes (including bogus or totally fabricated allegations). 

Governments also have the power to conscript young people, turning them into soldiers, whether they like it (or not). 

Governments can also:

  • Raise taxes (to support the war effort);
  • Impose curfews (which occurred during both world wars);
  • Take-over property (to use it for whatever purpose the government wishes to put it);

In Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism, Geoffrey R. Stone examines how governments use war (or the threat of war) to control citizens (and negatively impact their first-amendment right to free speech).

Thanks to the author and publisher, significant parts of this work are available online via Google Books.

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Original Release: Dec 10, 2016

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