Petersen's Boarding House

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After President Lincoln was shot in the head, people at Ford's Theater tried to assist him. He was carried across the street, to Petersen's Boarding House, depicted in this illustration from Perley's Reminiscences, Volume 2

The text from that chapter—"A Night of Terror"—provides more information:

The President was seen to turn in his seat, and persons leaped upon the stage and clambered up to the box.  His clothes were stripped from his shoulders, but no wound was at first found.  He was entirely insensible. 

Further search revealed the fact that he had been shot in the head, and he was carried to the nearest house, immediately opposite [the street from Ford's]

Mrs. Lincoln, in a frantic condition, was assisted in crossing the street with the President, at the same time uttering heart-rending shrieks. 

Surgeons were soon in attendance, but it was evident that the wound was mortal.  (Benjamin Perley Poore, Perley's Reminiscences, Volume 2, pages 172-73.)

President Lincoln died at the boarding house, lying on a bed that was too small for his tall body. He never regained consciousness.

Peterson's Boarding House is still standing across from the recently renovated Ford's Theater.

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Illustration of Petersen’s Boarding House from Perley's Reminiscences of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis, Volume 2, page 173.  Online, courtesy Google Books.

Quoted passage from the same work, pages 172-173.

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