Pilgrims - Cape Cod Harbor

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This drawing depicts the general scene at Cape Cod and the area where the Mayflower first anchored.  From the ship's log, we know how long the passengers had been at sea:

Let go anchors three quarters of an English mile off shore, because of shallow water, sixty-seven days from Plymouth (England), eighty-one days from Dartmouth, ninety-nine days from Southampton, and one hundred and twenty from London.  Got out the long-boat and set ashore an armed party of fifteen or sixteen in armor, and some to fetch wood, having none left, landing them on the long point or neck, toward the sea.

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Map, and quoted ship-log entry, from The Mayflower and Her Log, Complete, July 15, 1620—May 6, 1621, Chiefly from Original Sources (by Azel Ames, published 1907).


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