Placing the Crown of Thorns - Attributed to Caravaggio

Placing the Crown of Thorns - Attributed to Caravaggio Philosophy Trials World History Visual Arts

The painting depicted in this image—attributed to Caravaggio and entitled “The Crowning with Thorns”—is an oil-on-canvas which measures 178 x 125 cm (70 x 49.21 inches). 

If it is one of Caravaggio’s works, he likely created it sometime between 1604-1605.  The Web Gallery of Art tells us something about this work:

This picture creates a different kind of drama than the Crowning with Thorns in Vienna, which is also disputed.

The vertical format allows us to concentrate on Christ, who occupies the center of the picture. The figure of a man, naked from the waist up, sitting on a chair in front of a barrier in the foreground, holding the rope with which Christ's hands are bound, leads the eye towards him.

A second man in a brilliant red robe is almost gently gripping the victim by his upper body and upper left arm.

A third assistant is pressing the crown down so hard on to Christ's head with his stick that a drop of blood is running down his temple.

Today, the painting is part of the art collection at the Palazzo degli Alberti in the Tuscan city of Prato.

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