Plan of Siege - Yorktown and Gloucester Point

Plan of Siege-Yorktown and Gloucester Point

This map illustrates the plan of siege for Yorktown and Gloucester Point as the American Revolutionary War neared its end.

Troops, under the command of Washington (the Americans' commander-in-chief) and Rochambeau (an extremely capable Frenchmen), marched south (in Virginia) and reached Williamsburg on the 25th of September, 1781. 

Two days later the combined forces totaled 16,000 men. 

General Washington was the lead commander, assisted by General Rochambeau, as the Allies continued to Yorktown (where British forces numbered roughly half the strength of Washington's). 

The plan was to lay siege to Cornwallis.

The French fleet, commanded by Admiral Count De Grasse, was positioned in Lynn Haven Bay to prevent any relief ships from helping Cornwallis. 

The collaborative strategy, between the Americans and the French—to end the long war for American independence—was in place.

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Media Credits

Image, courtesy British Battles web site.

Linked above - Map from the National Park Service historical handbook, Yorktown, National Battlefield.


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