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Colonial Americans did not want Britain to send bishops to the colonies.  Worried that the presence of Anglican bishops would interfere with their religious beliefs, Americans wanted the clerics to go back to England.  

In this political cartoon—published in London with a British point-of-view—an indignant mob pushes a bishop's boat away from America.

As the priest—who climbs up the ropes of a ship named "Hillsborough"—prays "Lord, now lettest thou thy Servant depart in Peace," the mob throws a volume of John Calvin's Works at him while waving copies of books by John Locke and Algernon Sydney (on government).

The crowds' shouts of "Liberty & Freedom of Conscience," "No Lords Spiritual or Temporal in New England" and "Shall they be obliged to maintain Bishops that cannot maintain themselves" are signs of the troubles to come (between Britain and the American Colonies).

This image was designed, and engraved, for a British periodical called Political Register. The engraving was published in that journal, during 1768, with this title: “An Attempt to Land a Bishop in America.”

The Library of Congress provides this additional background:

The supposed British plot, to impose Anglican bishops in the colonies, aroused atavistic fears that Americans would be persecuted for their religious convictions and further poisoned relations between Britain and the colonies.

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Media Credits

An Attempt to Land a Bishop in America. Engraving from the Political Register. London: September, 1769. John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, Providence, RI (86); online via the Library of Congress. Public Domain.



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