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Before it was destroyed by volcanic debris spewed from Mt. Vesuvius, in 79 AD, Pompeii was a town which featured beautiful homes decorated with mosaics.  This image depicts one of those mosaics which graced the floor at “House of the Faun.” 

The mosaic's specific location, in that home, was the "Alexandra Exedra."  ("Exedra" was a place where people could relax and converse.)

Measuring 8 feet 11 inches by 16 feet 9 inches, the mosaic features Alexander the Great and Darius III doing battle at either Issus or Gaugamela.  It was made from about 1.5 million pieces of cut-stone tesserae (small colored tiles).

Scholars believe this work may have been based on an ancient (now-lost) Hellenistic fresco by Philoxenos of Eretria, from the 4th-century B.C.  It is now maintained at the Museo Archaeologico Naples (in Naples, Italy).

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