Potsdam Conference - Truman Tells Stalin about a New Weapon

Potsdam Conference - Truman Tells Stalin about a New Weapon

Attending the Potsdam Conference in Europe, President Truman wanted to avoid dropping an atomic bomb over Japan until he had left the meetings. That is the reason why he directed Henry Stimson, the Secretary of War, not to release the bomb before August 2, 1945.

In this image, we see the President at the Potsdam Conference. Joseph Stalin, head of the USSR, is also at the Conference. 

It was here, during the Potsdam Conference, that Truman told Stalin about a new weapon the U.S. planned to use against Japan. 

Maintained at the Truman Library, this photograph has the following description:

Delegates of the Potsdam Conference in Germany prepare to leave the conference room at Cecilienhof Palace, as photographers and newsreel cameramen gather on staircase. Soviet Prime Minister Josef Stalin talks to Secretary of State James Byrnes and President Harry S. Truman (back to camera).

President Truman wrote a note on the back of this photograph "In which I tell Stalin we expect to drop the most powerful explosive ever made on the Japanese. He smiled and said he appreciated my telling him - but he did not know what I'm talking about - the Atomic Bomb! HST".  07/19/1945

Unknown to the President, Stalin already knew that America was developing a nuclear bomb.  His spies had told the Soviet premier about it some years before.

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Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.   ARC Identifier 198894.



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