President Johnson's Diary - Personal Notes for March 31, 1968

This image depicts a from LBJ's daily diary for March 31, 1968 - the day he announced to the American people that he would not seek, and would not accept, the Democratic Party's nomination for another term as America's president.

Included are these comments from the President:

I never was any surer of any decision I ever made in my life, and I never made any more unselfish one.  I have 525,000 men whose very lives depend on what I do, and I can't worry about the primaries.  Now I will be working full time for those men out there.  I don't need to worry, and the only guys that won't be back here by the time my term ends are the guys that left in the last day or two.  I think the boys there will be glad that I'm working for them.

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Media Credits

Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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