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This political cartoon, by Louis Dalrymple and published in Puck (a British journal), depicts William McKinley—the Republican nominee for President in 1896—crowning himself at the party's national convention.  Image online, courtesy Library of Congress. Click on the image for a better view.


We are now at peace with the world, and it is my
fervent prayer that if differences arise between us
and other powers they may be settled by peaceful
arbitration and that hereafter we may be spared
the horrors of war.

William McKinley
2nd Inaugural Address 
March 4, 1901

Six months after the popular 25th President of the United States delivered his second inaugural address, he was dead.

His goal of settling disputes by arbitration was honorable. An anarchist named Leon Czolgosz, however, thought McKinley had too much power.

A mere 20 years after Garfield’s assassination, and 36 years after Lincoln’s, the country—and a President’s family—once again endured the horror of assassination.



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