Procession to Calvary - Bruegel

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Pieter Bruegel—usually called "Pieter Bruegel the Elder"—is known as the greatest Flemish painter of the 16th century. 

Art historians are not exactly sure about his birthplace, but it was most likely in the town of Breda (which is located in today’s The Netherlands).

He lived and worked in Antwerp (in today’s Belgium) and became a master in Antwerp’s painter’s guild by 1551. He worked in Italy for a short time—around 1551 or 1552—but returned to Antwerp by 1553. 

A decade later, he moved to Brussels.

Bruegel’s paintings tend to tell stories. His subjects range from Icarus (who flew too close to the sun) to misbehaving peasants to Biblical scenes. 

Some of his works focus on human weaknesses; others revel in the awesomeness of nature. He is especially known for his paintings of mountain landscapes.

In this image, we see Bruegel’s interpretation of “The Procession to Calvary” which he painted in 1564.  An oil-on-canvas, which measures 124 x 170 cm (48.82 x 66.93 inches), the work is now maintained at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (in Vienna, Austria).

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