Production Credits and Cast of Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down was produced and distributed, in 2001, by Columbia Pictures.  It had a budget of $95 million and is 144 minutes long.

Production Credits:

Directed by Ridley Scott
Written by Mark Bowden (from his 1999 book, Black Hawk Down)
Screenplay by Ken Nolan, Steven Zaillian
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Original music by Jeff Rona, Mel Wesson
Cinematography by Slavomir Idziak  
Film Editing by Pietro Scalia
Sound Editing by Per Hallberg  
Production Design by Arthur Max


Josh Hartnett, Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann (Chalk Four leader)
Ewan McGregor, Company Clerk John Grimes (real name was John Stebbins)
Tom Sizemore, Lt. Colonel Danny McKnight (convoy leader)
Eric Bana, Sergeant 1st Class Norm "Hoot" Hooten
William Fichtner, Master Sergeant Paul Howe
Ewen Bremner, Specialist Shawn Nelson
Sam Shepard, Major General William Garrison
Gabriel Casseus, Specialist Mike Kurth
Kim Coates as Wex
Hugh Dancy, Sergeant 1st Class Kurt Schmid (Delta medic)
Ron Eldard, Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant - pilot of Super Six Four (captured)
Ioan Gruffudd as Beales
Tom Guiry, Staff Sergeant Ed Yurek
Charlie Hofheimer, Corporal Jamie Smith (killed)
Danny Hoch, Sergeant Dominic Pilla (killed)
Jason Isaacs, Captain Mike Steele (Ranger leader)
Zeljko Ivanek as Harrell
Glenn Morshower, Colonel Tom Matthews
Jeremy Piven, Chief Warrant Officer Cliff Wolcott - pilot of Super Six One (killed)
Brendan Sexton III, Private 1st Class Richard Kowalewski (killed)
Johnny Strong, Sergeant Randy Shughart (killed)
Richard Tyson, Staff Sergeant Daniel Busch (killed)
Brian Van Holt, Staff Sergeant Jeff Struecker
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Master Sergeant Gary Gordon (killed)
Steven Ford as Cribbs
Ian Virgo, Specialist John Waddell
Tom Hardy, Specialist Lance Twombly
Gregory Sporleder as Galentine
Carmine Giovinazzo, Sergeant Mike Goodale
Chris Beetem, Sergeant Casey Joyce (killed)
Tac Fitzgerald, Sergeant Keni Thomas
Matthew Marsden, Specialist Dale Sizemore
Orlando Bloom, Private 1st Class Todd Blackburn (fell from rope)
Kent Linville, Private Clay "Little Hunter" Othic
Enrique Murciano, Sergeant Lorenzo Ruiz (killed)
Michael Roof, Private John Maddox
George Harris as Atto
Razaaq Adoti as Mo'alim
Treva Etienne as Firimbi
Abdibashir Mohamed Hersi, Somali Spy
Pavel Voukan, Donovan "Bull" Briley - copilot of Wolcott's Super Six One (killed)
Dan Woods as Scott Fales
Ty Burrell, Technical Sergeant Tim Wilkinson
Boyd Kestner, Mike Goffena (pilot of Six Two)
Jason Hildebrandt, Chief Warrant Officer Dan Jollata (pilot of Six Eight)
Kofi Amankwah as Somali Kid
Joshua Quarcoo as Somali Kid
Johann Myers as Somali Father
Lee Geohagen as Somali Son with Gun
Corey Johnson as medic

Soldiers killed in action but not represented in the film:
Cornell Houston
Earl Fillmore
Tim "Griz" Martin
Matt Rierson (killed by base mortar attack two days after the battle)
Co-pilot Ray Frank (Super Six Four)
Thomas Field (Super Six Four)
Bill Cleveland (Super Six Four)
Jim Cavaco, Humvee gunner 

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