Prohibition Press Release - Page 3

The third page of the undated press release, regarding Prohibition violations by high-ranking people in the Seattle-Tacoma area, compares the crimes in Washington to the crimes in Chicago.

Note these paragraphs:

Smaller, naturally, than the notorious kingdoms of crime in Chicago and other larger cities, Tacoma's vice ring is credited with being as perfect and as complete while it lasted.

Now the power and the influence is gone.  Some of the members are already behind the bars, caught in the process of regular law enforcement, and "taking their jolts" as sacrifices that the organization as a whole might continue to function.

Others have fled.  Some have gone in fear and others in disgust as the rule of their king weakened and the stream of criminal dollars slowly dropped to a mere trickle, if at all.

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Media Credits

Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.  ARC Identifier:  298483   



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