Propaganda Leaflet Dropped by US Planes


Combatants in a military conflict try to win the hearts of the people with various types of propaganda. Some of the propaganda takes the form of posters and leaflets. Sometimes the leaflets are dropped from the air. 

This is a leaflet which was created to influence the people fighting for North Vietnam to change sides and participate in an amnesty program.

Maintained at the U.S. National Archives, this picture has the following description:

Propaganda Leaflets Urging the Defection of VC and North Vietnamese to the Side of the Government of Vietnam, 1970 - 1970.

Translated into English, the leaflet reads:

There is nowhere to run...nowhere to hide! The tanks and armored vehicles of the Blackhorse regiment will find and destroy you! It is too late to fight. Beware Viet Cong, we are everwhere! Rally now under the Chieu Hoi Program; it is your only hope to live!

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Media Credits

Online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.  ARC Identifier 305342


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