Indiana Jones 4 - Crystal Skull - ROSWELL and AREA 51

This is a picture of Colonel Dubose (Chief of Staff) and General Ramey (Commander of the Eighth Air Force).  The men are inspecting some of the material recovered from the 1947 Rosewell-crash scene. There is speculation that the material, featured in this picture, was substituted for the real wreckage-remains. Photo, online via the University of Texas at Arlington.


On the 7th of July, 1947, the public information office at Roswell Army Air Field (in Roswell, New Mexico) reported “the crash and recovery of a flying disc.”

The next day, Roger M. Ramey (the Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force, based in Fort Worth, Texas) announced (inaccurately) that the remains were of a radar-tracking weather balloon,  not a “flying disc.”  Ever since, people have speculated what really happened during the summer of 1947

Deepening the public’s suspicions about “flying discs” is a highly protected area at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Is “alien research” taking place at Area 51? Are there flying saucers, or similar vehicles, inside a hanger there? Does Groom Lake Air Force Base, in the same general location,  actually exist?

According to individuals who claim to have worked for the government at those facilities, and are interviewed in a film entitled Dreamland (another name for Area 51), the answer is "yes." Can we believe what they say? (These links are clips from the film.)

One thing is clear. An exclusion zone, outside the base, stretches about twenty-six miles. Signs are posted to keep out, with warnings that deadly force will be used against trespassers, if needed. Anyone who gets close to the restricted zone, including in the air, will soon realize they are being watched by security personnel and well-positioned screening devices.

Historically, the government has not acknowledged that Area 51 exists. Military personnel do not provide information when presented with questions. Until very recently, the Groom Lake airport did not have its own identifying code.

It is fair to wonder ... if there is anything to the rumors that extraterrestrials have been examined at Area 51, how could the facts remain hidden for so long? Was Project Blue Book—ordered by President Truman—a genuine attempt to research the public’s concerns about UFOs and aliens? Although that project officially ended in January of 1970, is the American government still investigating this subject? Or ... is this part of Nevada simply used to research and test new U.S. military weapons, such as sophisticated planes?

Further ... was Project Mogul (an effort to monitor the Soviet Union’s progress in developing nuclear weapons) the real reason for the Roswell “flying disc?” Might new, currently top-secret weapons, also look like flying saucers?  And ... is the Russian government building something similar?

At the end of the analysis, based on personal accounts and publically available evidence,  we are still left with unanswered questions and lots of speculation. Such is the basis for great storytelling which is, in a way, similar to our next topic: Crystal skulls.

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