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Among other treasures in the royal tomb near the ancient capital of Macedonia, archeologists found a small ivory portrait. Scholars believe it depicts Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great.


With reconstructions, cutaways and pictures of the Vergina tombs and their contents, we can gain some understanding of what life was like during the time of Alexander the Great. For descriptive purposes only, we refer to the tomb believed by some (but not all) to be "Philip's tomb."

  • Interior door of tomb during excavation. Tombs of Macedonian royalty were richly decorated.
  • Facade of Philip's tomb during excavation with detail of the painted top (called a geison).
  • Excavated tomb, with the sky above, has a frieze across the top. Macedonians, like Philip, were great hunters. The painting across the top of the tomb depicts hunting scenes.
  • Small sarcophagus with gold larnax inside.
  • The gold larnax containing textiles, gold, ashes and bones.
  • Left and right ends of kline in Bella Mound.
  • Chryselephantine shield, before and after reconstruction.
  • Silver and bronze banquet vessels as rediscovered on the tomb's north wall.
  • Gorytos and greaves in situ. (A "gorytos" is a quiver-and-bow case. The scene on the case depicts the capture of a city. A greave is a piece of soldier's armor worn over the shin and calf between the knee and ankle.)

Even as he mourned his father's death, Alexander moved quickly to succeed him. History records that he was ruthless in those endeavors.

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