Illuminated Manuscripts - ROYALTY'S ILLUMINATIONS

A medieval-era scribe and illuminator created a Psalter, written in Latin, which King Henry VIII commissioned for himself. The original work, now maintained at the British Library, also contains the King’s annotations. It contains this image depicting the monarch praying in his bedchamber. The illumination is referenced as “Henry VIII’s Psalter, London, c. 1540, Royal 2 A. xvi, f. 3.” Online via the British Library and Wikimedia Commons.


Queen Ingeborg, wife of Philip Augustus of France, owned a devotional book known generally as a "psalter." At the time (before 1210) and later, psalters were filled with beautiful illustrations (this picture on parchment represents Pentecost) and were very expensive.

Today this book is known as the Ingeborg Psalter.  It is located at the Musée Condé, Chantilly.

Other richly illustrated psalters from the 13th century still exist. The following are a few examples:

There was a time when Kings gave each other Bibles. St. Louis, of France, gave a three-volume illustrated set (created between 1252-1270) to Ferdinand III, of Spain. Located at the Cathedral Museum, Toledo.

The frontispiece of King Charles V’s Bible portrays the monarch receiving his Bible from Jean de Vaudetar. (Museum Meermanno, The Hague)

Sophie, Princess of Bavaria, originally owned the Book of Prayers of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth gave the book to the Cividale Church in 1220. One of its illustrations combines New Testament (the announcement and birth of Jesus) with Old Testament (the prophets Amos and Isaiah) subjects. (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cividale)

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