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Denny Smith - from WIBC ("Indy's News Center," at 93.1 FM, in Indianapolis) - interviews Carole Bos about The Descendants and her story behind the movie at Awesome Stories.


  • Part 1 - Who was King Kamehameha I and what role does he play in the story behind The Descendants?


  • Part 2 - When did missionaries arrive in the Hawaiian Islands, and what happened to the people in the Kingdom of Hawaii as a result?


  • Part 3 - Who were Kamehameha's descendants, and what impact did they have on Hawaii - then and now?


  • Part 4 - Who was King Kamehameha's last-surviving descendant?  How much land did she own?


  • Part 5 - How did the Princess dispose of her wealth, including all of her land (which constituted about 9% of the property in the Kingdom of Hawaii)?


  • Part 6 - What does this history of Hawaii have to do with The Descendants, a film starring George Clooney and based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings?


  • Part 7 - Who was Elizabeth King in the film (and called "Joanie" King in the novel)?  She was injured in a powerboat race - explain what happened.


  • Part 8 - Mrs. King's injuries caused her to become comatose and in a "persistent vegetative state."  Can people, who are in a coma, hear?  What evidence do we have for that?


  • Part 9 - Why did Matt King and his daughters travel around Hawaii, while Mrs. King was dying?  How does Matt King's dilemma - about the sale of his family's land - fit into the storyline (and the movie)?


  • Part 10 - Do Matt King's actions - regarding his family issues and his land-sale dilemma - have anything to do with the history of Hawaii?


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December 8, 2011 broadcast of the "Denny Smith Show"- from WIBC (93.1 FM), "Indy's News Center" - online, courtesy WIBC.


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