Rasputin - Refuses to Die

Despite drinking cyanide-laced wine, Rasputin does not die. 

When poison fails, Felix Yussopov shoots Rasputin in the chest.  Still, according to the reports of the conspirators, the monk does not die.

Other conspirators fire more shots at him.  Still ... Rasputin does not die.

Finally, after more shots, the monk is apparently dead.  His murderers dump his body into the Neva River.

Shortly before his death, Rasputin sent a telegram to the Tsar.  Among others, were these words:

Tsar, if you hear the sound of the bells, it signals I am dead.  If I am killed by my brothers, the Russian peasants, you have nothing to fear.  If it is your relations who have brought about my death, then none of your family will remain alive, more than two years.  They will all be killed by the Russian people.

As the war worsened, Russians demonstrated in the streets.  They were shot by the military.

Tsar Nicholas II would soon lose his throne.

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Media Credits

Clip from "Rasputin:  Dark Servant of Destiny" (1996) - award-winning film for television.  Copyright, HBO, all rights reserved.  Clip provided as fair use for educational purposes.

Uli Edel

Peter Pruce



Tamas Toth (Young Rasputin)
Alan Rickman
Greta Scacchi
Ian McKellen
David Warner
John Wood

Run Time: 104 minutes


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