Research Basis-How AS Works - Preface

This "How it Works" story is divided into chapters with in-depth information, on various topics, each easily accessible as you need—or want—to know more. AwesomeStories is easy to use but also has a rich and intentional structure that nurishes its value.

Many of our members find this story useful as part of the inservice introducing the school staff to their Platinum (large group) Membership. It is here where you find chapters on the research which points educators towards using primary sources, informational text— and media—to create deeper learning.

When explaining to your higher-education students the potential of their work to reach a broader audience—by being published—student stories, as highlighted in this chapter, will become even more meaningful. Students can review the 21st-century research expectations, featured here, to ensure that their work is properly cited and their writing is as free-from-bias as possible.

We hope you find what you are looking for and that this chapter cultivates a digital transformation for you, your students, families, classrooms, schools, districts and beyond.

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Author: Bundtzen, Meghan 20stories and lessons created

Original Release: Feb 09, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Oct 04, 2016

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