Resolution - Draft a Declaration of Independence

Resolution-Draft a Declaration of Independence

On  the 7th of June, 1776, Richard Henry Lee introduced this resolution (supported by John Adams) which called for independence from Britain.  According to the National Park Service:

This document, Lee's condensed redraft of one forwarded him by a convention that had met in Williamsburg on May 15, proposed severing relations with Britain, the forming of foreign alliances, and preparation of a plan for confederation.

On June 13, or 2 days after a committee was appointed to draft the Declaration, Lee journeyed back to Virginia, apparently because of illness in the family. He did not return and sign the Declaration until sometime subsequent to the formal ceremony on August 2.

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Media Credits

Original Resolution, U.S. National Archives. 

Information and quote from the National Park Service publication (and web site) entitled Signers of the Declaration.


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