Reza Shah - Historic Footage with Soundtrack

Out of public view for decades, this video clip of Reza Shah visiting Turkey is believed to be the only surviving historical footage of Iran's leader which includes an audio track.

The state visit took place in June of 1934, when Reza Shah was meeting with Kemal Ataturk (Turkey's head-of-state).  The first part of the footage contains a soundtrack; the second part does not.

This footage was made soon after Mustafa Kemal was given the name "Atatürk" - meaning "Father of the Turks" - in 1934.  The honor was bestowed on him by the Turkish Parliament.  Under Turkish law, no other person is allowed to take the name "Atatürk."

The conversation between the two leaders is translated into English, as follows:

Kemal Ataturk:  We are extremely delighted that you have finally come to Turkey.

Reza Shah:  I am also elated to be here; I have long waited for this visit.

Kemal Ataturk:  Thank you very much.  We sincerely feel the same and are pleased to finally meet you here in Turkey.

Reza Shah:  As you may know, a few years ago I spoke to your representative and informed him of my intention to visit your country.

Kemal Ataturk:  Thank you very much.  Thank you very much.  Our friendship is too old and was started many years ago.  This is a mutual acquaintance, and we will strengthen our deep and close relationship even more.

Reza Shah:  Perhaps there has been some negligence in the past, but hopefully we will change that in near future.

Kemal Ataturk:  I have no shred of doubt, and all Turks are feeling the same.

Reza Shah remained in power for seven additional years, after this state visit, before he was deposed - then exiled - in 1941.

Kemal Ataturk died 4½ years later - on the 10th of November, 1939 - while still serving as Turkey's leader.  To learn more about him, see "The Incredible Turk," a video biography now maintained at the U.S. National Archives.

Media Credits

Historical footage, online courtesy Iran Live News Channel at YouTube. 

English translation of discussion, copyright Iran Live News, all rights reserved.  Provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


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