Road Block in Bataan

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As Japanese troops continued their assault on the Philippines - in January of 1942 - Filipino and American troops did everything they could to deter the enemy’s advance on the Bataan peninsula.  In this image, we see:

FORTIFICATIONS ON BATAAN:  Roadblock near the Mauban line"

Bataan presented many challenges to the defenders.  We learn more from an official history - The Fall of the Philippines (The Siege of Bataan) at Chapter XV, “Setting the Stage” - which paints a very bleak picture of the defenders’ predicament

By the end of the first week in January the main battle position on Bataan was organized and the troops in place. The Japanese, who on the 7th had taken Layac Junction, the gateway to Bataan, were already in position to move against the American line. 

"It was felt," wrote Colonel Collier, "that the enemy would continue his close follow up of our troops and launch an early push against the right of the II Corps [along] the East Road."

Unlike the rest of Luzon, Bataan offered no room for maneuver and little space for withdrawal. The Japanese would have to be held as long as possible at each position.

Except for the few who would be fortunate enough to reach Corregidor, there was no retreat from Bataan.

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Photo from The Fall of the Philippines (The Siege of Bataan) at Chapter XV, “Setting the Stage.”  Image online, courtesy ibiblio.org website (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).



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