Roberto Clemente: A Hero Beyond the Baseball Diamond - Roberto Grows Up

"Barrio San Anton", Carolina, Puerto Rico, Las Noticias de Cuenca, Fair Use.

When Roberto was nine years old he wanted a bicycle.  He saw one on sale for $27.  He asked his father if he could have it but his father did not have enough money.  Roberto tried to earn the money himself. He delivered food with his father for a few pennies a day.  He kept his money in a large jar and after three years he finally had enough to buy a used bicycle.

Roberto was always at odds with his mother because all he wanted to do was play baseball.  Baseball was very popular in Puerto Rico. All of his neighborhoods friends played in the streets of the barrio. They could not afford baseballs, so they found old golf balls, wound string around them over and over again and then covered the string with tape. The make-shift balls would last for two or three games before they had to be remade.  Roberto didn't get to play with real equipment until he entered high school.

Roberto’s mother insisted that her children all be home for dinner at 6:30 every day. It didn’t matter what the score was in the game, it was Roberto’s responsibility to be home on time. As time went by, Roberto’s mother realized that her son was an exceptional athlete. He became an all-star short stop for the high school baseball team, and his track and field accomplishments included records as a sprinter, high jumper, triple jumper, and his favorite- javelin thrower. His coaches thought he could represent Puerto Rico in the upcoming Olympics in Finland.  However, fate had other plans for Roberto.

Original Release: May 13, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

1) Smithsonian Institute, Beyond Baseball: The Life of Roberto Clemente, http://www.robertoclemente.si.edu/english/virtual_legacy.htm, May/24/2011, May/09/2016, http://www.robertoclemente.si.edu/english/virtual_legacy.htm

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