Roman Forum - Remaining Ruins

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In this image we see the Forum Romanum (Roman Forum), a central place in the life of ancient Rome.  It was in this public forum where key events in Rome's history occurred.  Today, ruins remain.  

Did you know that this important meeting place was once a swamp?  We learn more from Rome Tour:

Originally the area on which the Roman Forum is built was a swamp, the area was used as a cemetery by the people who lived in nearby villages.

During the 6th century B.C. the Etruscans who were the first kings of Rome, unified all these villages into the city of Rome, they drained the marshes, and soon, shops and temples were being built. But, it was during the 2nd century B.C. that the merchants and their shops were moved to other parts of the city, and the Forum became the civic and legal center of Rome.

In the background of this image, we see another key place in the life of ancient Rome - the Colosseum.  

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