Route of Escape - On Horseback

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Booth fled Ford's Theater on horseback.  This image, depicting that event, is from the National Park Service. 

The horse, which Booth had rented earlier that day, was a fast roan mare.  From The Death of Lincoln, at page 81, we learn this:

"Some time during the lunch hour, vaguely described by everybody as 'about noon,' Booth went to Pumphrey's Stable on C Street, back of the National Hotel [where he was staying], and hired a horse, for which he said he would call at about 4:30."

After he took possession of the horse, apparently between 4:30 and 5:00, he "brought it to his stable in the alley back of Ford's."  (The Death of Lincoln, page 82.)

Media Credits

Image of Booth and his rented horse, courtesy National Park Service.

Quotes from The Death of Lincoln, by Clara Elizabeth Laughlin, was published in 1909 and is available online courtesy Google Books.  (Note that it, like many books of its time, uses language and descriptions not acceptable today.)


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