Russian N-1 Rocket

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Image of the Russian N-1 Moon rocket.

Additional information about the N-1 is povided by the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum website:

In the early 1960s, Korolëv's design bureau began work on a multipurpose heavy-lift rocket--the N-1. In 1964 it was approved for redesign and use in the manned lunar program.

Begun under Korolëv and tested under Mishin, the N-1 rocket suffered from critical technical problems that doomed Soviet efforts to land a man on the Moon by 1970. All four unmanned flight tests of the N-1 ended in failure. The N-1 effort was canceled in 1974, and the Soviet manned lunar program passed into oblivion.

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Image online, courtesy of RSC Energia via the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.


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