SS-4 Missile on Transport Trailer

SS-4 Missile on Transport Trailer

This image depicts the R-12 / SS-4 "Sandal" Soviet-made missile. 

As originally produced, the R-12 was surface-launched and was at the heart of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

The "Air University Space Primer," released by Maxwell Air Force Base in 2003, provides more detail about this medium-range weapon:

The SS-4 was required to carry a one megaton (MT) warhead across more than 1,118 miles.  It used storable propellants which improved its launch rate capability.  The SS-4 became operational in 1959 and remained in use for two decades. 

The SS-4 was the weapon at the heart of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union deployed ICBM missiles to the island of Cuba in 1962.

The Russian-language description, at the lower-right of the photo, tells us that this image depicts an "R-12 Rocket."

Had Soviet missile installations not been discovered by American spy planes, as they flew over Cuba during the early fall of 1962, R-12s would have been available for launching against the United States.

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