Frank Abagnale, newly released from Perpignan, was pleased to see that his Swedish arresting officers were two women. Kind, but firm, they flew with him to Malmo, Sweden.

Located at the southern tip of Sweden, Malmo is near the charming, seaside city of Copenhagen. A bridge, contemplated for 100 years and finished in 2000, now connects the two cities.

Spanning eight miles of open water, the cable-stayed bridge connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. Of course, the completed bridge, wasn't part of the landscape when Frank Abagnale spent time in Malmo.

Awaiting trial in Sweden, Abagnale was sent to a pleasant but secure hostelry in picturesque Klippan, a town near Malmo. (Today Klippan is still a town of comfortable bed and breakfast inns.)

With evidence of taking money under false pretenses, a Swedish jury sentenced Abagnale to six months. No longer able to "do time" in his comfortable Klippan hostelry, he was transferred to the beautiful campus of Lund University (also near Malmo) where a state institution (known as "The Criminal Ward") was located.

Before long, Frank received "good news" and "bad news." The good news? He had quickly finished his sentence in Sweden. The bad news? The Italian government was next in line to prosecute him.

Frank already knew what that meant: Something like Perpignan - or much worse.

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