Saipan - A Rescued Infant

Saipan - A Rescued Infant American History Tragedies and Triumphs World War II Visual Arts

Saipan, an island in the Pacific Ocean, was the scene of a vicious battle between Japanese and Allied forces during the Second World War. Civilians, living on the island, were also impacted by the deadly conflict.

Embedded with American forces on Saipan, W. Eugene Smith took this photo in July, 1944.  The soldier in the picture - from the 27th Infantry Division - had rescued a dust-covered infant from a cave filled with hundreds of dead bodies. 

The picture was published in the August 28, 1944 edition of LIFE magazine, to illustrate an article written by Robert Sherrod.

The photo's caption reads as follows:

Only living person among hundreds of corpses in one cave was this fly-covered baby who almost smothered before soldiers found him, rushed him to hospital.

Click on the image for a better view. 

To study the photo in even greater detail, click on "dust-covered infant," above, and then use the "zoom in" feature at the top left (depicted by "+" in a magnifying-glass symbol).

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Media Credits

Photo, by W. Eugene Smith, published in LIFE magazine on August 28, 1944.  Photo online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.  August 28, 1944 edition of LIFE, online courtesy Google Books.


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