Samuel Howell, Run Away - Jefferson's Client

Wade Netherland believed he "owned" a slave named Samuel Howell.  This image depicts an advertisement which Netherland ran in the The Virginia Gazette, letting it be known that Howell was a "runaway" and that he (Netherland) was offering a reward for his return.

The article notes that Howell had sought the help of "some lawyer at Williamsburg to try to get his freedom."  That "lawyer" was Thomas Jefferson. 

Reporting the results of the lawyer's efforts, to gain Howell's freedom, Netherland states:

...he had a trial in the county court, and was adjudged to serve his full time.

In other words ... Jefferson lost the case and his client, Samuel Howell, remained a slave.  Hence ... the advertisement to seek help with his return.

Media Credits

Facsimile of newspaper image, described above, online courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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