Secretariat - Big Red's Last Race

After his Triple-Crown victories, Secretariat raced one more time - on October 28, 1973. 

Both Lucien Laurin (his trainer) and Ron Turcotte (his jockey) were Canadians, so the location of Big Red's last race - at Woodbine Racecourse in Toronto, Ontario - was especially meaningful to the people who loved him the most.

This video clip is from a documentary - "Secretariat - Big Red's Last Race" - and features interviews with Penny Chenery (Secretariat's owner), Eddie Sweat (his groom), Lucian Lauren, Ron Turcotte and William Nack (Big Red's biographer).

Knowing this would be the champion's last race - before he was sent to Claiborne Farms in Kentucky - people came from far and wide to watch Secretariat take on his last group of challengers. 

He did not disappoint the crowd.

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Media Credits

Clip from "Secretariat - Big Red's Last Race" - a documentary filmed in October of 1973.  The entire documentary, plus two additional videos about Secretariat, are available from Secretariat.com.


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