Shackles for Kidnapped Slaves

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The Amistad defendants never wanted to be in the United States.  They did not ask to leave their African homes in shackles.  They were brought to America against their free will.

John Quincy Adams argued their case, before the Supreme Court, to honor their request to go home.  

Kale - an 11-year-old boy who learned English while an Amistad captive - put it best in a letter to Adams (dated January 4, 1841):

All we want is make us free...

Kale, and all the other Amistad defendants, wanted to be forever free of the shackles of slavery.

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Author: Bos, Jim 9stories and lessons created

Original Release: Oct 06, 2014

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Image of slave shackles, online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.  PD


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