Should Journalists Only Report Facts?

What would have motivated Titanic's owner Ismay, who was on the ship when Titanic hit the iceberg, to send telegrams inaccurately describing events? Is it possible, or not possible, that he didn't have command of the facts?

Assess the likely impact of Ismay's three separat telegrams, variously describing Titanic's disaster and aftermath, on the loved ones of the ship's crew and passengers.

Are journalists better-off waiting to confirm facts before publishing a story—or—are reporters right to publish whatever they hear as quickly as they hear it (even if they are totally wrong)?

If you had someone aboard a ship that sank, would you want to hear accurate information (even if that meant waiting for the truth)—or—would you want to hear about things as they developed (even if that meant you first heard your loved one was OK, only to learn that wasn't actually true)?

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